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tip #1) Home made Squeegee

This is how you make a squeegee instead of buying one.       

Step 1: Find a dowel 2 inches bigger than your gun's barrel. Also get a nail, old rag cut in two, and tape.

Step 2: Take the dowel, nail, and one half of the rag and attach it to one end and that's the back.

Step 3: Tape the end of the dowel next to the rag so the dowel won't split.

Step 4: Test the new squeegee and Play SAFE and Play HARD.

PS. It should look something like this --> 


tip #2) How to find the right type of play that suits you

    First of all, when you started playing paintball what did you play (e.g. woods ball, speedball, indoor, recball...etc...) and when you started did you enjoy it. Paintball is all about having fun and anyone that says other wise is too competitive and has to relax. So now that you know what to do from the first time you played try other games, capture the flag and so on. Once you've found out a bit about that game play it and practice moves so you can improve in it. Also meet people that play it and ask if you can tag along and play/watch. Get use to the game type and then Play SAFE and Play HARD.